We are inspired by the light. We love it's unique ability to transform space and awaken emotions. We are on a quest for expressive forms and pure materials that will best reveal and emphasize its true potential.


Work on each project begins with a great idea. A pure thought that ignites our passion, captivates our minds. We think of the materials we want to use and the emotions that we want to convey. That drives, gives the direction and sets the criteria for evaluating our future work.


The material is always in the spotlight. We reveal it through its original properties and features. That's why we use only superior raw materials and components.


We are conservative and prefer hand-crafting. We believe that this is the best way to discover the natural richness of raw materials. The masters of the atelier put all their care and diligence into every lighting fixture they touch. This way, an object becomes special.


For each lamp, we select prime materials, find unconventional shapes and angles, give way to imagination and experiment, and finally choose the best solutions. Bringing the idea to perfection by getting rid of the excess.


Idealists by nature, we fully devote ourselves to our cause. For us, each lamp becomes a form of craft and a work of art.