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In brief

We are a design studio with our own production.


Lead times


Steel: 6-8 weeks
Brass: 6-8 weeks
Copper: 7-9 weeks


Some models may be on stock. Check availability order@atris.design



We ship worldwide.


The cost of ground shipping is included in the price. Normally it takes from 14 to 30 days.
Express delivery service is available. Typically it takes within 5 business days. An additional fee will be charged. 


We value every opportunity to take part in an interesting and memorable project.


Our main advantage is the ability to create actual and beautiful design in short time.


We can customize existing solutions by changing the finish, size, or shape, or develop lights individually for project.


We have the technology of making spectacular accent chandeliers for large halls. This technology allows you to significantly reduce the budget and provide wow effect.

All in the right place

All the tools you may need when working on a project are collected in one place.


Find 3D files, specifications, instructions and care recommendations at the catalogue page.

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Like what we do? Got a project in mind?


Tell us about it order@atris.design